Using the services of a Stagecoach to deliver something

May 7, 2020 5:11 pm


Got a parcel or letter? Want to get it to your chosen destination fast? Well, as it’s the seventeen hundred’s you don’t have to worry, the stagecoach will have that done for you anywhere between 4 to 8 days barring wheels coming off, horses dying halfway to the next stop or the thing being stolen by a highwayman. Nothing to worry about then, but even so I imagine that our ancestors would have been more than inclined to use a Same Day Courier Slough based company like to do it.

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We have something of a romantic view of the horse drawn Stagecoach. The Coach would travel in stages of 10 to 15 miles per day depending on the quality of the horses and the “road”. As this was little more than a mud pressed track that could turn into a boggy quagmire after a bit of rain it was very slow going.

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Not only that there was no suspension of the thing. Riding on top or inside was a nightmare as you felt every bump. It was not uncommon to be thrown off. If that wasn’t enough then there was a very good chance a bunch of Dick Turpin wannabes could come out of the bushes and give it the “Stand and deliver” treatment. Sometimes they didn’t bother and just shot the driver!