Basic excel functions that you need to know about

May 11, 2020 7:40 pm


One of the main attractions of excel spreadsheets is the ability to be able to take the data that you have input or imported from a PDF to Excel converter and analyse and report on this in a number of different ways. If you have ever asked yourself the question – Can you make a pdf into an excel spreadsheet? You will be pleased to know that yes you can. So no more need for spending hours transcribing the information across from your PDF catalogues.

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Here are two basic functions that you can use in excel to help save yourself even more time when inputting and searching for specific data.

=CONVERT(number, from_unit,to_unit)

This helps with your unit conversions and automatically carries these out for you. There are a number of different conversions that can occur including weight, distance, measurement, temperatures and currency. .

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This function allows you to search for data vertically within each column. You set the parameters of the data that you want to be able to search and add this so it then allows you to search for the required information. You can do this by looking for exact match text as well as approximate matches.