What skills does a receptionist need?

May 7, 2020 5:09 pm


Working as a receptionist can be a highly rewarding and varied job. There are many different skills that an individual needs in order to be successful as a receptionist and here we look at a few of them.

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People skills – being good with people is essential to working as a receptionist as you will be required to speak to people on the phone as well as dealing with visitors to the office that you will need to sign in and see to the Reception Chairs that you have placed in the waiting area. If your reception area doesn’t have seating you might want to look at Reception chairs online to find some.

Organised – receptionists often have to juggle a number of tasks at once and so it is important that they are organised and are able to deal with tight deadlines.

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Calm – along with having to juggle a number of tasks comes the stress of a busy office and a receptionist is often at the forefront of this. Dealing with incoming calls and emails as well as those people visiting the office requires a calm manner in order to be able to effectively deal with each task in hand.