How to Choose the Right Cable Ties

November 2, 2020 4:56 pm


Almost all types of cable ties look same. But these small strips looking the same are very different because they are designed for different features and characteristics. Having a variety of features can make the best fit for different situations such as temperature, strength, size of the material to be tied, etc. The following things can help you choose the right cable ties:

Structure of cable ties:

The cable ties are of two types:

  • One-piece:

These cable ties are a single piece, as can be judged by the name. These cables are best for home or office use. These seals are considered cheaper ones.

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  • Two-piece:

Two-piece cables have a stainless steel lock attached with the head of each cable. These are high-performance cable ties are having a bit higher price. Find out more about using a Security Seal at a site like Acme Seals


Cable ties come with a varying length ranging from 4 to 52 inches. You can trim the extra length of the cable tie after installation. Hence, you should buy cable ties with few extra inches in length. Feeling too short to do the task can be problematic at the last moments.

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The cable tie’s material:

The material of cable decided its durability against different situations such as weather, chemicals, temperature, stress, etc. nylon cable ties are best for lower temperatures. You can opt for stainless steel cable ties if you want extra durability against harsh weather.

Special features of cable ties:

You may need some special features such as untying without actual cutting because ordinary cables can only be undone by cutting them.