Why breaks during your working day are important for your back

November 2, 2020 4:57 pm


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We have all been there – you are sitting at your desk and you suddenly realise that you have missed your lunch break and you haven’t moved from your desk for the last few hours as you desperately try to finish your project to meet the deadline. It is a common occurrence in offices and homes across the world and it is one of the reasons that the Dublin Chiropractor industry is seeing more and more people with issues with their lower backs, necks and shoulders.


Our bodies are not designed to be sitting for long periods of time without moving and the tension and strain that this puts on our muscles often leads to pain at the end of the day and for many people this can turn into a persistent problem.

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There is one simple thing that you can do to help combat this – move!


Moving regularly throughout the day gives your body a chance to stretch and helps to prevent tension from being created day in and day out as you sit at your desk. This doesn’t have to mean that you spend lots of time away from your desk. SImply standing up at least every hour that you are working and stretching your legs and arms will help to stimulate the areas that have been constricted whilst you work. Stretching at regular periods like this can also refocus you on the task that you are currently completing.