Maintaining your fuel injector

October 28, 2020 2:18 pm


Fuel injection is a technology used in many industries, but most people will know it from their vehicles. In order to maintain the fuel injectors in your car, it is useful to know how they work.

Basically, fuel is pressurized and then gets pumped through a standard opening or one that is controlled electronically. The fuel is sent in spray form which means it can more easily be ignited. It is this spraying and ignition that can begin to perform poorly if the system is not maintained.

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If you think you may have problems with your system, consider Injector reconditioning Northern Ireland form a site like ODS Automotive

Injector systems can become very dirty as diesel will hold onto more debris than other fuels. If the system becomes clogged, the fuel will dribble out as opposed to spray. This could lead to your engine spluttering or even ceasing to work at all.

Some signs of potential clogging include a hard start, a rough sound when idling, less mileage for your fuel and black smoke from the exhaust.

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How to prevent it from clogging

By regularly carrying out an oil change.Think about changing the filters consistently too as these can also get clogged up. Additionally, using top quality additives will help to keep parts clean and lubricated, hopefully flushing out any debris.

You will also want to ensure that water doesn’t get into your injector system. A lot of filters will stop working if they get water in them as it stops the fuel flow.