Protect Yourself Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

August 12, 2020 3:47 pm


One of the most important aspects of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is the proper use of protection. One of the most common forms of protection is condoms, and with good reason. They work because they stop the transmission of diseases like HIV and herpes, and they are effective at it. However, for a man to make sure that he has his partner safe, he also needs to know how to protect himself from sexually transmitted diseases.

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There are two kinds of condom that you can use to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The first type of condom is the ones that you wear while you have sex. While you may think that this is not important, it’s very important. Condoms do not provide a complete barrier, and if you are having sex without them, you have a much greater chance of passing on the disease than when you use them properly. If you suspect you have been exposed, consider STI Testing London at a site like

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The second type of condom is the female condom. Whether you are male or female or your partner is male or female, you should make sure that you wear the condom as soon as you start having sex. The problem with this is that men who are sexually active may find that they are more vulnerable to diseases. This is why it is important to understand how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, and to use the best protection that you can.