Staying on budget when building your own home

August 3, 2020 6:18 pm


The most important part of self-build projects is sticking to a budget. The result of going drastically over budget could mean moving to a new home is more difficult or even means having to sell once the build is completed.

Here are some tips to prevent financial disaster:

Put the budget at the top of the list

Ensure that the designs or plans have a clearly stated budget right from the start. It should be a priority that any material or changes to the plans remain inside that budget and there is no wiggle room. This stand is difficult to make but it will ensure you do not overspend. Remember to factor in hidden costs, such as a Land Remediation Service if you have chosen to build on a brownfield site, for example. Visit a site like

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Working with people who understand the cost

Do not be tempted to work with anyone who is not able to clearly demonstrate that they have an understanding of the cost. It can be too tempting to get carried away with jaw-dropping designs with little thought to the knock-on impact on the cost. There are tons of ways to have an impressive and attractive design that can be solved economically.

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Budget all the way through

Budgeting is not an activity just for the beginning of a project. At each stage of the project, look at the costs and budgets to ensure that they stay on track. If costs spiral, a new management process can be initiated to further minimize expenses.