Making your offices welcoming for visitors

August 13, 2020 2:06 pm


Visitors are a certainty in most businesses and these can be people coming for interviews, suppliers visiting for meetings and your customers and clients visiting for initial meetings and catch up sessions throughout the time that they are working with you.

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Making your visitors feel welcome in your offices helps to build trust and loyalty and you will find that they will then talk to their friends and family about their experience. You don’t want people going away with a negative experience as they will definitely pass this on to people that they know.

Here are some ways you can welcome visitors.

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Reception Chairs – having somewhere for them to sit and wait for their meeting with you to start is incredibly important as it helps them to feel relaxed and welcome in your building. No one wants to be left standing around, feeling like they are getting in the way. You can find a Huge range of cheap reception chairs online that will work in whatever size reception space that you have available.

Refreshments – offering refreshments is a must and this does not need to impact on your reception staff. You can find some reasonably priced water coolers and automatic drinks machines that allow your visitors to get themselves a drink whilst they wait.

Signage – nothing is more frustrating than wandering around a building trying to find the reception area. Make sure that you clearly signpost this from the car park and throughout the building.