Why You Should Use Reconditioned Catering Equipment

May 6, 2020 3:43 pm


Why You Should Use Reconditioned Catering Equipment

A good commercial kitchen can set you back many tens of thousands of pounds, whether it’s top-of-the-line equipment or the bare necessities of your trade. And these costs are on top of the day-to-day running expenses of premises, staff, stock, advertising and kitting out the dining area. In fact, there aren’t many areas in catering where you can economize without it obviously affecting the end product. But there is at least one which can have a seriously positive impact on your bottom line.

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Reconditioned catering equipment bought in from a well-known reliable company can reduce your costs in this department by at least half, leaving you with more cash flow where it really matters. But even then, when buying used money isn’t even the only benefit.

Tightening Your Belt

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, many new catering businesses don’t see out their second year. Their new equipment must be sold off to reclaim back some of the investor’s initial outlay. Products such as ovens, stoves, sinks, grills and the various refrigeration units you would find at any commercial catering suppliers are all available at up to 60% off the original price. And this is good equipment, still in its prime, which has been cleaned and checked to be as new.

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Why You Should Use Reconditioned Catering EquipmentEnvironmentally Friendly Option

Buying reconditioned equipment is also an environmentally friendly choice. Recycling equipment rather than scrapping it is the best option all round, but you won’t lose out on energy costs either. The energy usage quotas you find in a one- or two-year-old model are still in line with current energy-efficient models today.

Honed Business Expertise

New equipment may seem attractive when you pull it out of the factory plastic, but reconditioned pieces from are often the exact same product underneath. Deciding to buy used means you’re thinking with your head, not your heart, which is essential in business.

You Can Afford Better Brands

But one thing many people overlook is the fact that buying used means buying better. Everyone has a budget, but imagine if your budget was suddenly doubled. Buying reconditioned catering equipment essentials does just that, and having better brands in the kitchen can add more prestige to your business. It could also attract better and more qualified employees.