Some bits of information about the Car

June 25, 2020 1:19 pm


It has been theorised that if you took every car in the world and lined them up from end to end the line would reach to the Moon. This line is getting longer and longer and it shows no sign of stopping. Despite the fact that cars are not the greenest of vehicles, with the possible exception of the new hybrid and electric cars, we rely on them for business and for residential movement more than any other form of transport system. The construction of the car is an incredible feat of engineering.

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From the precise engineering of the internal combustion engine to the sleek aerodynamically designed exterior, the car is one of the most amazing creations. Every part of the car is planned and designed even down to the Metal bonding adhesive  used to connect certain parts.

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The car is a creation of the nineteenth century. The German inventor Karl Benz is credited with the first. Not all of the first cars ran on petrol and diesel. Coal and steam power was still very much in the majority so there were several steam powered cars developed. The Hybrid car was also already being looked at in the early twentieth century. This technology is very much in the ascendance as we begin to run out of fossil fuels.