Aircraft development speed is incredible

June 30, 2020 6:12 am


The speed at which we have been able to develop the airplane is quite remarkable. Within a hundred years of the first flight we had created a plane that could fly passengers at the speed of sound over the Atlantic ocean in four hours. Just 66 years before Concorde’s maiden flight the Wright Brothers plane, the Kitty Hawk, had flown for just 12 seconds. How did we advance so quickly?

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In the first place, this was the modernist world. There was a can do attitude to societies. They recognised the advantages this new form of transport could have. Steamer ships would take a week to get from London to New York. When the unsinkable Titanic sank some eleven years after Kitty Hawk could this be the airplane be the replacement answer?

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Undoubtedly, the advent of the first World War helped as the technology required to take the battle to the skies became seen as important. But there were other developments in the world of industry as well. Tapping Machines for example like those from  meant that the precision engineering required was now a reality.

The demand from the consumer to travel also played its part. Suddenly the cheap package holiday meant people wanted to go abroad and the plane would take the strain.