Home Safety as the Nation Heads Back to Work

June 19, 2020 5:13 pm


Keeping our homes up together over the last few months has become something of a national hobby! With the fine weather, the country has set to work revamping gardens, plating seeds, mowing lawns and painting fences. And it hasn’t stopped with the garden – people have taken the lockdown opportunity to spend time sorting out wardrobes and cupboards, hiring skips to take away clutter and redecorating rooms that have been in need of a bit of love.

But when it comes to home safety, as we head back to work leaving our homes vacant once again, what are the best ways to keep ourselves and our newly clutter free homes as safe as possible?

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Home security is important and with everyone heading back to work, homes are at larger risk of opportunistic burglaries. Installing a visible CCTV system, with obvious cameras is a good deterrent for would-be burglars, and make sure that your home is secure, with all doors and windows closed and locked.

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Accidents such as fires are also something that can be a risk factor when you are not at home. If possible, try not to smoke in your house as this is one of the largest causes of fire, and make sure all phone chargers and hair straighteners are switched off before you leave. Pipes and cables can also cause huge problems if they are damaged, so purchase some pipe protectors from https://www.meterbox.co.uk/pipe-protectors to keep them safe and secure.

A neighbourhood watch scheme is a good way to keep an eye on your home when you are not there as is a surveillance system that you can access from your phone. If you are going away for a longer period of time, ask someone you trust to go in and out of the house at varying times of the day and to make sure that bins are put out and post is collected.