The well trodden tale of St Patrick

February 25, 2021 5:30 pm


Without a doubt one of the most well known Saints in the Catholic faith is that of St Patrick. His fame and recognisable features are celebrated around the world on the 17th March. The festivities centre on Ireland and Dublin itself but there are even bigger celebrations in Chicago and New York where there are very large numbers of inhabitants that share a common Irish heritage. There are many ways to celebrate the day and the giving of ST Patrick’s day gifts from is one of the best.

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We do know quite a lot about St Patrick. His tale begins on the shores of Britain where he is a fisherman who dreams of the priesthood. This is taken away from him when he is captured by Irish pirates and brought as a slave to the island. Many would have despaired but Patrick uses his time to gain the trust of his masters and learn the language of the Irish. When he affects a level of trust he then escapes back to Britain, reunites with his family and enters the priesthood as he had dreamed.

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Many years later the Pope in Rome was keen to bring the catholic faith to the island. Britain had converted and now it was time to take the word to this wild island. Patrick’s skill and knowledge proved invaluable. He walked the length of breath of the island preaching and converting the people using the example of the Shamrock to illustrate the holy trinity and banishing all the snakes from Ireland.