The process of buying a home

April 7, 2021 9:11 am


Buying a home in the UK is a carefully controlled process that is enshrined in law. You have to follow it otherwise you will not get to own a property of your own. What is the process?

FIrstly you need to have a mortgage to buy a place (unless you are lucky and have the considerable resources to buy a place out right!) and this requires a call to the banks or building societies to get a mortgage. This is a very long loan on a huge amount of money. It’s probably the biggest loan that you will ever get in your entire life. You will need a deposit to put down, most commonly this is 10% of the properties asking price. So, if the pace you want is priced at £100k you will have to have at least £10k in the bank.

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The mortgage application looks at all your income and outgoings to see how much can be lent. You will need to be open and honest with the Mortgage Advisor. After this is complete and an offer made you can move onto the Conveyancing part of the purchase. For that you will need the Building Survey Chelmsford experts at Sam Conveyancing.

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The conveyancer arranges the survey to see if the property is worth the asking price and that there are no issues. The solicitors are also the people who the lender pays the mortgage money to (not into your bank account!) so that they can pay it into the sellers solicitors, who then pass it on to them.