Using the Blue Badge Scheme

April 21, 2022 11:07 am


As we get older, some of the things that were once easy, become more difficult. Mobility difficulties affect millions of people in the UK, but fortunately we have plenty of disability aids like these nowadays that can help us to continue living fulfilled and independent lives.

Something else that is important to know about when you have mobility problems, is the blue badge scheme. This is something that gives people with disabilities the ability to park in places that make access to things like shops easier, as well as being spaces that are suited to unloading larger mobility aids like wheelchairs and scooters.

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A blue badge can be used in any vehicle, it is assigned to the person who is permitted to have it, not to a particular vehicle, so this means you can still use it if you have a friend or relative take you shopping.

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If you have a registered disability, you are eligible for a blue badge, but if you have a disability which is not listed then you may still be eligible. Your local council will be able to complete an assessment with you so it is certainly something worth doing if you feel that you would benefit from having one.

You can apply for a blue badge for yourself or on behalf of someone else, for example if you are a carer for someone who has a disability. This can be done either online or by post.