How to Avoid Expensive Delays in Medical Trials

July 27, 2021 5:30 am


There are many reasons that trials can go very wrong and delay the development of crucial new drugs. It’s not just expensive and time consuming; it’s a matter of public safety as well, which is always put at risk when these types of medical breakthroughs are delayed. How to avoid costly delays in medical trials? The problem is compounded every time a clinical trial starts because of a problem with the primary study group. Sometimes, they don’t make it past the first phase, which means the company loses money, but also the patients’ safety is put at risk.

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How to avoid costly delays in medical trials? Make sure you know all of your options if you’re facing a delay in your trial. If the primary study isn’t going well, consider enrolling in another trial run by the same company, but with a smaller number of participants. In addition, look for research funding to help defray the costs of the trials. Many pharmaceutical companies offer patients research support as part of their funding, which can be used to offset delays and other problems. For more information on the role of TQT Studies, go to Richmond Pharmacology

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Unfortunately, some trials simply won’t work. A company may have found a new cure for a condition that has no effect on anyone but will take advantage of the knowledge to launch a new product line.