What is Public Relations?

August 27, 2020 7:09 am


Public Relations is the art of purposely influencing the dissemination and release of information among the public about an individual or business. Publicity and PR are different in that PR usually focuses on public release, while publicity is generally controlled externally, and not as controlled as PR. The aim of PR is to inform the public about the products and services offered by a company or a person, whereas publicity attempts to influence public opinion and to promote goodwill. The goal of public relations in a company is to create the best image of the company through the media. This is done by hiring the most qualified publicists and public relations agencies. For Cheltenham PR, visit a site like Head On PR, a leading Cheltenham PR firm.

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The first aspect of PR is the communication strategy. It requires a firm to be skilled in public relations. This is achieved by developing public relations teams comprising of publicists, press agencies, business analysts, social scientists, corporate communications specialists and other specialists who all have varying degrees of expertise in their respective areas. The reason for selecting professionals with varied degrees of experience is that the job of the PR manager is to analyse the various needs of the company and communicate these to the different professionals.

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Another aspect of PR is the use of media as a tool in public relations. There are many ways that the media can be used to disseminate news about a particular product or service. In order for this strategy to work, the media that should be used should be the ones that are most trusted by the consumers. This will ensure that the media is unbiased and does not create any distortion.