What Does Change Management Entail?

May 5, 2021 5:40 am


What does change management involve? Basically, it is the art of managing change. Change can be both good and bad, with a successful manager dealing with the good and the bad aspects of change equally well. This art of managing change deals largely with planning, organising and directing the change process, allocating resources, creating a good effect balance sheet and looking after the important stakeholders. For guidance on Change Management in Business, visit Applied Change, a leader in Change Management in Business services.

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Organisational change is not something that happens in one day, or even in one week. It is a process, and there are many ways in which change can occur in any organisation. The key to change management is to anticipate change and plan for it, both in reaction to external forces as well as internally. By effectively anticipating change and understanding the potential pitfalls along the way, the change process is made smoother, less disruptive and much more effective, allowing better utilization of any resources. This process is the backbone of organisational change management, and without it any change can go from barely noticed to a runaway train wreck in a matter of hours.

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What does change management entail? At its core, change management is a philosophy and a set of tools, namely metrics, assessments and change management policies and guidelines. These tools and philosophies are designed to help managers understand and manage the underlying processes that lead to change. Managers must therefore have a good understanding of change as well as the processes that go to making the necessary approvals and clarifications.