How can I get a better food hygiene rating?

October 23, 2020 1:41 pm


Most of us are familiar with this rating scheme as we can see it in the windows of most takeaways, restaurants and cafes across the UK. Of course, the goal of every food business should be attaining and maintaining that 5-star rating. To get a rating, an inspection must be carried out.

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An inspection will involve an officer looking into how safe the food handling practices are and also how food is prepared, the cooking methods, how food is re-heated, chilled and stored. Get help from Food safety Consultants at a site like MQM Consulting

The overall cleanliness of the premises will also be taken into account. This can include all aspects such as adequate lighting, pest control, space, ventilation and any other facilities that are in use.

Under the spotlight will be the different processes employed for keeping food safely handled. The officer will also ask about staff training and the routine practices around the premises for hand hygiene and personal protection, such as hair coverings and gloves. They will also get a feel for whether the current levels of cleanliness are sustainable for the future. This is also an opportunity for them to highlight any areas that may be lacking.

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Food hygiene ratings are very important to consumers as it’s an easy to follow and useful way to judge and assess the standards likely to be found inside a food establishment.

The two key ways to improve your chances of scoring highly are making sure staff have proper training and access to all they need to maintain excellent hygiene practices, as well as effective food storage procedures.