Caring for an E-Type Jag is a labour of love

March 29, 2022 12:28 pm


If you own a car you’ll be well aware of the amount of work it takes to keep it looking nice. Cars need care if they are going to run smoothly, efficiently and last you for a considerable amount of time. If a modern car, treated for and designed to withstand the elements, needs to be maintained, how do you care for a classic car? One thing that you can do is keep it in a garage. The doors of a garage are one of the most important elements and the Garage Doors Bristol based company Up and Over Doors Ltd can make sure yours are perfect.

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One of the most impressive classic cars to own is the E-Type Jaguar. It is a design classic first and foremost. It is sculpted to look different to anything else on the road at the time. It was meant to be an affordable sporty roadster that would offer an interesting option for the British public. Up to this point they had been faced with stodgy, old fashioned looking cars from the UK’s industry that lacked flair and imagination. Jaguar’s racing arm had had years of success at the 24 hours of Le Mon. The E-Type design was based on the winning D-Type car. For the first time, a British road car would have actual racing stylings and effects on it.

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The car was to prove popular abroad. One of the places it was most successful was in the United States of America. Although it had to be modified somewhat the design was a true winner with the public. It is also rumoured to have found a fan in the late great Enzo Ferrari. Although it was never confirmed, he is said to have called the E-type “the most beautiful car in the world”.

As with most cars produced in the UK in the 1960s the E type needs lots of care. There will be considerable amounts of metal riveted together and rust is always a real problem in these cars. They need to be regularly polished and waxed. Protective undercoats should be applied and taking the car out in winter might not be the best idea. There is a reason why you see them at summer festivals or at rallies, they prefer the summer sun to the winter cold and rain.