How to stage a stand-out event

July 27, 2020 5:08 pm


In a sea of corporate events, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Most delegates groan when they realized that they are invited to yet another conference, but there are some easy ways to set up more enthusiasm and excitement for your event.


If the budget allows, try to at bag at least one well-known speaker for your event. Someone who is entertaining, well-liked, has a great reputation in the industry and a healthy social media following. This can work wonders for the success of your event and even better if he / she is ready to post about their appearance on their social media feeds.

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Success of an event is all about choice of venue. Why not host in a unique setting? Get creative and think of a place that will pique the interest of the community, offering new experiences and fun as well as being educational. Find out more about Outdoor Events Newbury at a site like

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Working closely with local or national charities close to your heart is another good idea to make your event a little more special. You will collect much needed funds for a good cause and also get some positive media attention for your business as well as from advertising from charities and local newspapers. Be sure to highlight it on all social media feeds, which contain useful information about the charities, causes and how this fits with the ethos of your company.