How a Pandemic has Changed Businesses and how they are Adapting

June 17, 2020 10:08 am


In the aftermath of the Covid 19 global pandemic, many businesses have needed to change the way they work to keep themselves going. One of the big things that emerged from the situation was the need to be seen online. Many businesses have turned to using the power of the internet and social media to help them stay afloat and share information.

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Some businesses, such as restaurants, have used social media sites such as Facebook to update people on what is going on with their services, and to advertise takeaway services which have allowed them to keep going throughout the lockdown period.

The need to harness the power of the internet has prompted many companies to prioritise making more of their website, using social media and making the most of SEO training to make sure that they can be seen on the internet.

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Some companies have also been restructuring how they work to be able to do home deliveries, and still provide goods and services to customers whilst practising safe social distancing and abiding by government guidelines.

Many companies have also used this opportunity to help out in their local communities and with members of society who need help the most – providing free cakes to frontline NHS workers, food parcels to the elderly and vulnerable and repairing computers and laptops free of charge which are then distributed to children who need them to access home learning from their schools.

Although this is an incredibly difficult time for businesses, many are not only adjusting to the current situation, but also doing a lot of good in their communities.