The Best Naturally Beautiful Places to See in Ireland

November 9, 2020 2:41 pm


Getting out and about with nature is one of the best things we can do for both our mental and physical health. Ireland is one of the best places to be if its natural beauty and peace and quiet that you want, and what is better than camping for getting close to nature.


There are plenty of camping shops Ireland such as to make sure you have all the right supplies – here are some of the best natural places to go to visit in Ireland…


Connemara – In County Galway this region is one of the most beautiful. Hike the trails of the national park, take in the views from the tall mountains and rugged clifftops out to sea, and visit Killary harbour, the only fjord in Ireland.

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Ring of Kerry – This is one of the most popular places for natural beauty in Ireland and with good reason. This 112-mile walk takes you along the coastal paths where you will have clifftop views across the sea, as well as the sandy Rossbeigh beach, and inland through the mountains and hills of the region.

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The Giants Causeway – You can’t mention natural wonders of Ireland without the amazing giants causeway being included! In county Antrim this is a geological wonder made up of columns caused by ancient volcanic activity around 50 million years ago. The name comes from the legend that the stones were put there by an Irish Warrior who crossed over them to do battle with a giant.