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Why you should think about hiring your plant equipment

Posted on: January 14, 2021

When it comes to looking to buy plant equipment you can be faced with a multitude  of choices and decisions that seem impossible to make. Especially as it often feels like as soon as you have spent some of your budget on new equipment an even newer item is released. It is for this reason that using a Plant Hire Leicester company such as Harborough Hire makes a lot more sense. Image credit   A…

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So you want to be an interior designer?

Posted on: January 5, 2021

Recently a popular show to appear on Netflix was the program ‘Interior Design Masters’. It featured a competition with 10 new designers seeking to make a name for themselves by winning a contract to deck out a ‘top London hotel’. They then had to go through several weeks of working against each other and together to come up with designs to catering and retail units plus a variety of room spaces both large and small.…

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