Where would we be without jeans?

November 2, 2020 5:07 pm


Every person on earth probably has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Jeans are such a versatile item of clothing that it’s hard to imagine a world without denim. What would be wearing instead? Yes, we have joggers and chinos, but nothing fits the bill of both smart and/or casual like the humble pair of jeans.

They can be worn for a whole host of occasions. Therein lies their popularity. For a day slouching around the house? Stick your jeans on. Got some DIY jobs to do or need to walk the dog? Stick some jeans on.

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Perhaps you’re off out for a few drinks, then jeans are the obvious choice. Not too laid back but not overly formal, denim is the ideal option. If you’ve a dress down day at work but don’t want to rock up in baggy jogging bottoms, then jeans and a shirt or sweater makes the perfect combo. For a range of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, visit EJ Menswear

They are perfect for socialising, shopping, pottering round the garage or garden and for nights out. Whether you have multiple pairs, an older pair for house jobs and a smart dark straight-cut pair for evenings out, jeans solve a multitude of ‘What should I wear?’ moments.

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They are durable, hard-wearing and tend to fit to your body like a comfy old pair of slippers. They come in a variety of cuts, styles and shapes so there truly is something for everyone. They also come in a rainbow of colours, so don’t always think you need to stick with the classic blue.