The changes to the mortgage business since 2008

June 30, 2020 3:04 pm


Mortgages have changed considerably since the financial crash of 2008. One of the main reasons that was cited was the lack of decent Mortgages being arranged. Too many mortgages were agreed to that, in hindsight, did not have the correct and proper checks and balances. In some cases just declaring what you earned, without proof of a payslip, was acceptable. Also mortgage of 95 to 100% were agreed. Some were even for over 100% and down as unsecured loans.

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This all changed following the MMR or Mortgage Market Review by the newly created FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Mortgage codes were merely guidelines before now there was mandatory regulation. Chief amongst these was that you have to have Mortgage Advice from a qualified Mortgage Advisor. You cannot take Non advice on your main residence mortgage even if you think you know  best.

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Mortgage advisors must have a needs and circumstances conversation with you to establish what your monthly mortgage budget is and your commitments. They then recommend the best product that keeps you within or under budget to the term that will pay it off the quickest and cheapest for you. You cannot just simply say “I want 20 years”. After that it’s just a case of getting some Cheap conveyancing