How to make your van safe for the road

November 26, 2020 4:39 am


The traffic sign manual specifically states in Chapter 8 that chevron safety markings and lighting are needed in order for vehicles to be safety compliant. This can usually be seen on the back of vans and is followed by many people working for maintenance, highway construction companies and local authorities. Chapter 8 is not legislation at the moment but is still voluntarily followed by many individuals. Purchasing good quality chevrons is important as they last longer and are more durable. Good options can be found onĀ .

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Driving safely is extremely important and can save many lives. Relying on good driving skills of other people is not enough to keep many people safe as there are a lot of bad drivers operating on UK roads. Many individuals start to drive as soon as they become legal adults and earn their driving license. Many people require several attempts before passing their theory and practical tests. Practising online or through the use of approved books is highly recommended. Insurance can be very expensive for new inexperienced drives as companies do not have any previous past record of their driving abilities. If drivers build no claim bonuses over years, it will result in cheaper insurance prices in the future.

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